10 July 2017 - Miguel Borras

The Three Musketeers: Competitive Intelligence in Strategy, Innovation and Operations

the three musketeersSince I was a child, I have always wondered why the Dumas novel was called "The Three Musketeers”, when there were actually four musketeers, and the fourth one was actually the protagonist in the story.

In the same way, I wonder why the star trio “Strategy, Innovation and Operations” doesn’t include Competitive Intelligence, which actually significantly reinforces the other three and usually makes them orbit around it.

01 July 2017 - Miguel Borras

Cloud Atlas: The divorce of Strategy and Innovation

strategy and innovation

Instead of a Cloud Atlas, which no one takes any notice of, the Strategic Plan must identify ideas that contribute to turning the company into what it wants to be.

Instead of being one minor activity, Innovation management must confirm that the Strategy remains valid in a rapidly changing environment.


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