01 September 2017 - antara information technology

See you at Venturefest Manchester 2017

venturefest logoVenturefest Manchester is a showcase of the cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship coming out of Greater Manchester. Over 700 entrepreneurs and business came together with innovators and academics to fuse fresh ideas with novel research and opportunities.

Trailblazing entrepreneurs will share their stories, while guest speakers and other market leaders will present their unique insights. antara will join them at Venturefest Manchester, doing our best to contribute to the local innovation ecosystem.

10 May 2017 - antara information technology

Chilealimentos runs mussol for its Competitive Intelligence

vegetales procesados
Chilealimentos AG has concluded a project for the automated watch of the international food sector.

Chilealimentos monitors the competitive environment with major focus on the evolution of the export market, advances in sustainability, technology, and various issues related to the safety of processed foods, including regulation in different countries.


21 February 2017 - antara information technology

Published the mussol winter 2017 improvements


mussol has recently published a set of improvements that facilitate the work of both Analysts and Editors.

Analysts now have an easier time analyzing what interests the industry, competitors or customers. The Editors also have an improved Intelligence Reporting dashboard , more intuitive, and new functions to better manage information sources.

And above all, the Editors now have the automatic generation of recovery points for semantics , and intelligent procedures for integrating backups with current semantics.

These and other minor improvements are already published, and users have received a specific note with direct links to the features.

As usual in antara, these improvements have followed a process of listening to the users, organization of the internal knowledge, and finally a prioritization in our pipe-line of work. For antara it is very important to listen to the voice of the users, who lead our continuous improvement. Thank you all for contributing.


02 February 2017 - antara information technology

Strategic Intelligence for employment in Chile


The Government of Chile, through its Ministry of Labor , has launched the strategic initiative of the Labor Observatory to get a system of prospecting the labor market. OL regional map

A Network of 15 Territory Labor Observatories will identify strategic sectors, analyzing the national and global trends, and anticipating their implications in the demand for employment and in the competencies that will be demanded. The final objective is to contribute to a better decision-making of institutions and entrepreneurs of each territory.

The Local and Regional Development Institute (IDER) of the University of La Frontera , leader of the project in Araucanía and precursor of the idea at national level, has constituted a Strategic Intelligence Unit that monitors the strategic sectors for employment in the territory . This unit, composed of a dozen analysts, has got the training and methodological assistance of antara, and runs the solution of Competitive Intelligence "mussol" for the daily operation of the Observatory .


24 November 2016 - antara information technology

The ITM (Medellín) and the UPV (Valencia) incorporate mussol to their teaching

The Metropolitan Technological Institute (ITM) in Medellín and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) in Spain joined the international group of universities that Have adopted the mussol intelligence solution to enrich the teaching of their students.

Metropolitan Technological Institute

The UPV, which already used mussol in MBA lecturing, will have the collaboration of antara in its Master D. in Information Management.

antara supports the teaching of universities in Europe and America within its culture of Corporate Social Responsibility, and we are very pleased to be able to welcome the ITM and UPV to the community of universities concerned with the students practice of the function of Intelligence.

This frequently asked question clarifies>> the characteristics and conditions of educational licenses.



10 November 2016 - antara information technology

antara collaborates in the revision of the UNE standard for the Competitive Intelligence

Logo 166006antara participates in the working group for the evolution of the standard UNE 166006: 2011, within the Standardization Committee CTN 166. This Committee has developed UNE 166000 standards, covering aspects such as the R&D management system, Project requirements, technology watch and competitive intelligence or technology transfer.

Our company always listen to the user, and for this reason we have published a survey directed both to users of our "mussol" solution and to organizations that are not users yet. What critics do you have to the current standard? Would you like to pursue the "paper 0" paradigm? Do you have a specific suggestion? ...

This survey is available with open access on this link . We look forward to your contribution.


25 October 2016 - antara information technology

UPV / EHU adopts mussol for teaching

UPV/EHUThe University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) has adopted the mussol Competitive Intelligence solution for teaching in Industrial Organization. The incorporation of mussol
Aims to offer students the possibility to carry out Business Intelligence practices with an advanced solution, and thus to be formed with a powerful tool that can be found in the industry when finishing their training.

Antara supports the teaching of universities in Europe and America within its culture of Corporate Social Responsibility, and we are very pleased to be able to add the UPV / EHU to the community of universities with which we have collaborated, which adds up to several tens.

Any university may have antara educational licenses for teaching. This frequently asked question clarifies>> the characteristics and conditions of these licenses. For more information you can contact us>>.

a Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) ha adoptado la solución de Inteligencia Competitiva mussol para la docencia en Organización Industrial. La incorporación de mussol persigue ofrecer a los alumnos la posibilidad de realizar prácticas de Inteligencia Empresarial con una solución avanzada, y así formarse con una herramienta potente que se pueden encontrar en la industria al terminar su formación.

antara apoya la docencia de universidades en Europa y América dentro de su cultura de Resposabilidad Social Corporativa, y estamos muy contentos de poder sumar a la UPV/EHU a la comunidad de universidades con las que hemos colaborado, que suma ya varias decenas.

Cualquier universidad puede disponer de licencias educacionales de antara para la docencia. En esta pregunta frecuente se aclaran las características y condiciones de estas licencias. Para más información puede contactar con nosotros.

28 September 2016 - antara information technology

Opening Speech by antara at Trademetrics 2016

logo trademetrics 2016Trademetrics'2016 is an international event on the development of cybermetrics, both in academia and industry. It pursues the generation of synergies in the use of indicators, techniques, processes or specific applications. Business experts in areas such as Big Data, Big Content, marketing or Web metrics, along with academia researchers, will discuss the current situation and the impact on the company of this area of ​​knowledge.

The event will be held on November 11 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Miguel Borràs, CEO of antara, will open the program with the inaugural conference " The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf: Business Intelligence and Competitiveness ".


28 September 2016 - antara information technology

Antara at Birras IT: Artificial Intelligence in SME

logo birras TINext October 27 will be the first edition of Birras TI , an "afterwork" that will discuss the most outstanding topics of the technology sector, in an informal environment. Organized by the company AHORA Freeware , this initiative aims to promote cohesion among IT professionals in Valencia and surroundings.

The event will take place on October 27 at 7:30 pm, at the AHORA Freeware (Alboraya), and will revolve around the theme: "Artificial Intelligence in Spanish SMEs: Where are we going?" .

The panelists will be Álvaro Otero, Chief Operating Officer at BigML; Miguel Borrás, CEO in Antara; Cèsar Ferri, Deputy Director of Business Relations at the Universitat Politècnica de València; Bárbara Aucejo, Director of Research at Emotion Research Lab and Juan Carlos Pérez, Director of ITI Perception, Recognition, Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

After the round table, attendees will enjoy a networking session on the terrace, accompanied by beers of the brand Valencian Zeta.

The attendance is free, but the capacity is limited and it is essential to pre-register through this link .



28 September 2016 - antara information technology

Seminar on Competitive Intelligence at the UPV / EHU

sede de ingeniería técnica UPV EHUantara will give next October 19th a seminar on Competitive Intelligence to the students of Engineering degree of the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) .

The seminar will introduce students to the role of Competitive Intelligence for the company, its challenges, and will work on case studies.

antara continues to support the teaching of universities in Europe and America within its culture of Corporate Social Responsibility, adding this action to the dozens of Universities with which the company has collaborated.


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