27 September 2016 - antara information technology

Speech on Competitive Intelligence at the AEC Innovation Committee

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On October 11th, Antara will make an invited presentation by the Innovation Committee of the AEC (Spanish Quality Association) .

The objectives of the Innovation Committee include promoting the innovation management culture and fostering creativity in individuals and organizations, as well as being an intersectoral meeting point for experts sharing experiences in the management of innovation. Innovation, through case studies, methodologies and benchmarking.

This speech is part of the activities of this committee focused on deepening the knowledge of Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch and technical solutions in this area of ​​knowledge.




31 August 2016 - antara information technology

Vitoria, Oct 20th: VISIO Conference on Competitive Intelligence

palacio europaVitoria-Gasteiz will host the sixth edition of the VISIO Conference , to be held at the Palacio Europa on October 20th and 21st 2016.

VISIO 2016 is the key meeting in Spain held every two years to share experiences and discuss Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. This conference facilitates the meeting between professionals and organizations that improve their business thanks to strategic intelligence.

In this edition the program includes specific sessions on Collaborative Intelligence and on the integration of Intelligence with other functions of the company, where different leading companies in their field will expose their experiences.

antara, sponsor of the event , invites you to attend. You will surely have access to key experiences for your organization, and above all good professional contacts.

See you in Vitoria!



14 July 2016 - antara information technology

Report on trends in consumption and the food sector

J.V. Morata, H. Herrero, J.I. GoirigolzarriBankia and the Valencia Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to launch the Observatory of Business Trends, which will periodically analyze the key factors that mark the evolution of different productive sectors in the coming years. antara supports the team of analysts of the Chamber with its technology solution "mussol" for the management of business Competitive Intelligence.

The first study presented examines consumption trends in the food industry. The President of Bankia, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, and the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, José Vicente Morata, presented the project in the Business Marina this Tuesday 12 July, the general Secretary of EDEM being, Hortensia Herrero, who served as host. Goirigolzarri stated "In our country there has always been a lack of analysis of trends in knowledge and skills. What are companies going to ask us for today and what will they require in the future? Which fields of knowledge will have the greatest demand? Where should we channel training efforts for our citizens?"

The project is led by Jesús Navarro, director of the Chamber’s Advisory Services, who invited businessmen who attended to reflect on what impact these trends would have on their business if competitors made the most of them to create a competitive advantage.

08 July 2016 - antara information technology

Competitive Intelligence seminar for EAN students

Students at the Universidad EAN in Bogotá received an introductory seminar on Competitive Intelligence conducted by Miguel Borràs, CEO of antara.

The seminar dealt with concepts such as the current situation of Competitive Intelligence, new trends in the world related to this business function, the technological challenge it involves, and its connections with Prospect Theory, among other topics.

This seminar is part of the Academic Mission in Innovation organized by EAN with the organizational support of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

29 May 2016 - Antara

Workshop: Keys to Competitive Intelligence in a technology startup

Emprenem JuntsThe organization Emprenem Junts and the BIC of Elche have invited antara to a workshop on Intelligence in Startups within the framework of the Business Encounter Enrédate.

Entrepreneurship is a decision that is better made when well informed. In this workshop you will learn how intelligence is applied to successfully develop a startup, aware of the vision of the Post It Party methodology, developed by Hackers and Founders, the largest global group of startups, which brings together more than 200,000 startups in 46 countries. In addition, you will learn about the impact of competitive intelligence as a key tool for increasing the chances of success in the creation process of new technology firms (EBTs).

The workshop will be held on 1 June in Elche Congress Centre. You can register here.

We have linked the Enrédate interview to Miguel Borràs, CEO of antara (inerview conducted in Spanish).

06 March 2016 - Antara

4 suggestions for improvement a week: Users lead the evolution of mussol

escuchar" The user is our Product Manager ". In antara we have been following this statement for some time.

Just one year ago we launched mussol, and >>it has become the industry's preferred competitive intelligence solution . And we are sure there is a reason: >>Listen carefully to the voice of the user.

Before launching mussol, during the test phase we implemented 70 improvements. But in the year since then we have received an average of 4 improvement suggestions a week. A total of 200, of which we have implemented 180.

Rhythm of issues 2015

Advances like the >>heuristic algorithm to reduce the noise or the >>improvements in the bookmarklets have been possible thanks to the suggestions of users. Some improvements have been advertised to all users, many more to Editors or Administrators, but most have simply been incorporated into the code to improve functions or fix bugs .

Of course, we also work on our original ideas, but they have another priority.

We want to thank all the users for their involvement in improving mussol. We look forward to your continued support.

The antara team.


02 March 2016 - antara

Students of UPV ADE are introduced to the intelligence function in companies

ADE students
Students in the final year of ADE (Business Management and Administration) at UPV have had their first contact with the Competitive Intelligence Function in business. A two-day seminar on Business Intelligence has been held in February 2016 to learn about Competitive Intelligence, what it is, how it engages with Strategic Planning, and they have developed a case study on business intelligence.

antara has again collaborated with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in this case helping with the subject of Strategic Control Systems in the degree course in Business Management and Administration.


17 February 2016 - Antara

10 Industry Priorities for Selecting a Competitive Intelligence Solution

first page of the ebook

The Intelligence function is new for many companies, and selecting a solution for environmental monitoring is a complex task. We have developed this guide to help in the selection process to both those who have prior knowledge, and especially to those who address this task for the first time.

We have consulted the industry, gathering information on what are the pains to solve with an Intelligence Solution. In the first place we have discussed internally on which were the most frequent questions we receive from the companies. We distributed the list of topics to a few of them, to comment it and, once redesigned, we launched a survey.

Only industry responses have been considered in the background data for this document, and responses from academia and research organizations are not included.  But we have included industry from various sectors and, in order to avoid bias, we have considered responses from both users of Intelligence solutions and companies that are in the process of evaluating alternatives, but have not yet selected any solution from the market.

This guide is designed for use by anyone responsible for the selection process, regardless of their technical knowledge.

You can get this guide here.


22 December 2015 - Antara

Intelligence Technology to reduce unemployment

The public agency SERVEF has developed a pilot project with Big Content technologies and semantics to reduce unemployment.

roles diferentes

The SERVEF is an agency of the Valencian government whose mission is to improve the employability of citizens. The agency carries out labor market surveys to adapt the training offer for the unemployed needs and offer them job counseling.

As the demand for jobs varies according to sectors evolution, the incorporation of technology and the geographical area evolve, it is necessary to be constantly monitoring this evolution in order to increase the supply of training or even to create new courses. It is intended, for example, that if tourism is growing in Alicante and companies in the sector invest in online business and demand professionals with specific knowledge, SERVEF can train the unemployed in those capacities.

The current prospecting process is expensive and slow compared to the pace of economic developments. In addition, the traditional method is based on interviews with workers, consultants and employers, obtaining exclusively qualitative information based on  subjective opinions.

Using a technology used in Competitive Intelligence, SERVEF has made a pilot to obtain information on job portals, to classify these offers automatically, and to generate information to identify trends in the labor market.

The project has been developed by a mixed team of SERVEF and antara , company specialist in solutions for business intelligence. The antara team has built an automatic job classification system, with an expandable dictionary of 3,000 concepts and more than 700 "intelligence hypotheses". As a result, thousands of job offers have been classified based on a multitude of aspects, such as the region, the sector, the position within the company, if a specific degree is demanded or knowledge of which language, among many other factors.

The results of the pilot make it possible to obtain information to support decision-making within a week and by a single person, compared to the several months of work done by a few dozen people in the field in the current method .


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