I can not find an option to erase an idea, even being an Administrator.

When the platform is in Production mode, ideas can be rejected, but not deleted. An idea rejected today should not be deleted, because in the future one or more of the factors that have led to its dismissal could change, such as the evolution of technology, or corporate strategy, among others.

One of the design principles of the platform consider the ideas as an inventory asset of maximum value for the organization, and as such ideas should not be destroyed once the platform is in Production mode. To learn more about the design principles of the platform, go to section >>1 - Antara Ideas Management Basics in the Help documentation.

However, ideas can be deleted by combining Test and Production modes. In this regard, see the Frequently Asked Question >>After the test period I want to erase the ideas, but not all. Only an Administrator can switch the operation of the platform between Test and Production modes.

To learn more about Production and Test modes, go to section >>G - Administration in the Help documentation.